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Saturday, January 28, 2006

3T is a Charm!

Hey guess what? I gave into my addiction & rented my blog space again. This time it's someone I've known since my blogging birth. As a matter of fact, she may have been the midwife, but I was being born, so I wouldn't recognize her.
It wouldn't surprise me if she were a nurse as she possesses all of their qualities. She's nurturing, straight forward, very friendly, a good conversationalist and she's funny to boot. 3T is one unique woman. She's down to earth with a heart that's bigger than life.

She covers a lot of topics on her blog:
1. She writes about motherhood without candy coating it. Let me also mention, she shares the most touching moments of being a mom, too.
2. She & her hubby are madly in love, madly in like and madly in lust. Those are all very good things! But what comes across the strongest, is that they're soulmates who were destined to be together.
3. She writes about her childhood. She's daddy's little girl. I always wanted to be one because in a dad's eyes, you'll always remain his little girl. I love to read about this relationship.
5. As if that were enough reason to check out her blog, she's involved in causes. Domestic abuse is just 1 cause she dedicates a lot of her blog to in the month of October. She's involved in charities during February too & writes about that in her present post.

I have no doubt when you visit her blog, you'll be glad you did. Notice all the names on her blogroll. She's 1 of the few people I know who actually visits every single blog listed there on a regular basis.
At the moment, she's asking for ideas & opinions on what she should wear to a charity gala at the Wrigley Mansion. Now she has picked her gown & has a photo of it on her blog.

So, are you ready? See the pretty logo of a blog on my upper right sidebar? That's 3T's blog. Just click it & stop by for a visit. Please say hi to her, k?

ps...I wish it were possible to rent my blog to everyone who bid. That's the downside for me, telling 1 person yes, but telling 20 people no. Mix in some Catholic guilt that doesn't even go away after you've become a heathen & well, you get the picture.

Note: Thanks to Ananke I was able to figure out what the glitch was. My blog looked fine on Firefox, but on IE there was a glitch. I made some adjustments & have to still make 1 more, but I don't know how, lol. So, I've contacted my blog designer guru & hopefully it will be fixed shortly. Thanks Ananke!!

posted by jane at 9:12 PM