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Monday, January 30, 2006

Some Must Read Posts

Here are some funny & touching blog entries that are worth re-posting. 1 is mine, the others are from blogs I visit. Trust me, they're all worth reading. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Manica has posted a hilarious entry titled 25 Fun Things To Do At Your Psychiatrists. I like it so much I've printed 2 copies, 1 for my Therapist & 1 for my pdoc. (Hopefully I won't be committed, yet again, after they read it) :)

If you've ever found yourself green with envy towards magazine models, this is a must see! This will show you their reality. It's So You has put up a link about model touchups in magazines. After seeing this, it's no wonder models do so much damage to their bodies with plastic surgery, botox, etc. In this business, good is never good enough.

Have you ever blogged so long you got numb ass? I didn't coin that phrase, but Hell on Heels did! This is a hilarious post & when you read it please read Magg's reply in the comments.

Jil at Wild Abandon has a wild blog. Items 39 & 40 on her 100 Things About Me make me laugh so hard I snorted.

This is somewhat on the crude side, but let me just say, I wish they had Beano back in those days. I was an infant blogger when I wrote this, so if it offends you, please forgive me.

AriadneK tells the very sad story of Hippo Kritt. You don't have to read too much to realize this is about much more than a hippo: it's about life. It's a tale of hurtful people saying things just to be cruel & those who are caught in the crossfire. You'll be glad you read this.

Not only does Ananke
have a beautiful new blog design, she writes a hilarious blog. One of my favorite subjects to read about is The Red Barons. Click here to read the Red Baron story. The funniest part is, it's all true.

If you haven't visited 3T's blog on my upper right sidebar; please do. You'll definitely be glad you did.

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