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Friday, February 03, 2006

Guess Who's Moving? ;)

I am! Yep, I'm going to be moving my blog soon to www.janelovestarzan.com. I'm both excited & nervous about this as I'll have to transfer everything to my new domain. I'm going to be the Mistress Of My Domain and we all know what a hoot that can be! I expect the entire process to take about 30 days. Included in this time frame is me getting used to my new home.
Here are some of the details: I got the domain name at GoDaddy.com for about $10 a year, plus hosting via GoDaddy for $3.95 a month. The hosting service has 99.9% guaranteed uptime, which is a much better uptime than my present service. WordPress is free via Wordpress.org. And I've chosen Linux as opposed to Windows.

If you've gone through this yourself; I'm open to all advice, ideas, tips, etc.
~ For example, some of you have .com's, but I notice you still are a member of Blogger. How do you do that? Do I have to keep this blog open to keep my Blogger I.D.?
~ Do I have to ask everyone who has me listed on their blog to please change my url? Or is there some way to do it automatically?
~ Do you have problems with people trying to hack your website?
~ Do you know of problems I should anticipate that I've not had to deal with on Blogger?

I'm going to make a little contest: I'd like a tagline for my website. If anybody suggests one that I choose to use, I'll let you put a post on my blog OR if you prefer, I will write a post about your blog & link it. I realize that's not anything really significant, but it's all I have to offer. It's totally up to you. Are you game? C'mon n help a girl out, please.
(example: Any day above ground is a good day) ((except that's not original))

Of course, I'm not doing the move myself, but having someone who is actually competent in this area do it for me. (I highly recommend Gry for blog designs & help, such as she's doing for me right now.) When I move, I surely hope you'll visit. :)

ps...There were some technical problems with my blog. I've fixed the (strikethru) error that was effecting most of my blog. Also, for some reason, Blogger didn't post about 5 messages that were left. Fortunately, I also have them mailed to me, so I have read them all & thanks to all who left a comment.

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